What organizations need to know about hiring investigators!

Many organizations hire investigators for a number of reasons. Employees may be on disability or sick leave. If you suspect that your employee is abusing their benefits, you will be required to establish that you have exhausted all other possible avenues before hiring an investigator to carry out a surveillance.

As an organization, you will also have to demonstrate the purpose of the surveillance and what you want to achieve in the investigation. This must be conveyed to the investigator in writing. If the purpose of the surveillance is to determine where the claimant is working, we are only authorized to carry out an investigation for that purpose. If you require video evidence of the surveillance, it is important that you instruct the investigator to obtain this evidence.

As part of the assignment, we will need a photograph of the claimant for identification purposes. We will also require their address, make and model of vehicle and their license plate number. If the employee is injured, we will also require a brief description of the alleged injury.

We will carry out the surveillance during normal working hours and while the claimant is in the public where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.

As part of the investigation, we will follow the claimant to identify the places that they visit.  We will provide as much detail as possible which will include a report of the surveillance along with video footage.