How to spot a counterfeit electrical product?


As a consumer, you must be diligent when buying electrical products.   All electrical products should bear the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) logo.  However, some logos could also be counterfeit.   The above photograph depicts an example of counterfeit CSA logo where the manufacture attempted to conceal the logo on the packaging.   An authentic logo will never be concealed.  This logo does not contain the CSA trademark.  It also not contain the name of the country that the product was certified.  It is important to also check the logo on the product as well.

Counterfeit products are unsafe and they can potentially be a fire hazard.   If you suspect that an electrical product is counterfeit, you can compare the logo to an authentic Canadian Standards Association (CSA) logo found on their web site to verify if the product has been certified and has met the safety standards for the market.  Their web site is

Another good indicator of a counterfeit is poor packaging.  A counterfeit product may also have spelling errors on the packaging.    If you suspect your product is counterfeit, check to see if the product you have purchased has been recalled by comparing the model number to the model number found on the CSA web site.  If the product has been tested at the CSA laboratory and failed, they will notify the public by providing a safety alert.

If the price seems too good to be true, further investigate the product to ensure it is legitimate.  Also, ensure the manufacturers full name and address are listed on the packaging.  If the packaging only states the country the product was manufactured, this is another indicator that the product could be counterfeit.   All authentic electrical products are accompanied with warranties and instructions.

It is important to purchase from reputable retailers and always trust your instincts.  If the price is too good to be true, this is a very likely indicator that it is counterfeit.

North Dakota Criminal Records.

We provide criminal records in the State of North Dakota for employment and licensing purposes only.     We require the written consent of the party.   If the written consent of the party is not included in the request, you must have their last known address.   A copy of the record will be forwarded by the State of North Dakota, in the event that a signed consent is not provided.  State law is required to advise the party that their record has been released.