We need your help in finding somone for an adoption matter.

We are looking for Scott Michael Cutler (birth name).  He was born in Winnipeg at the St. Boniface Hospital on October 9, 1965. If you have any information, please email duncanj@mts.net

We need the help from the public in finding someone!

We are looking for Robert Sears. He is in his 50’s or 60’s.   He was good friends with Brad Warman.  Mr. Sears attended Westview or Northgate High school.  He lived at 2275 Weston Rd. in Toronto, in the basement apartment when he was young.     The biological son is looking for him.   He has his own child that is two years of age.   His son has some very serious medical issues and he is currently undergoing medical treatment in Winnipeg.

We are looking for Mr. Sears strictly for medical history.  Please email duncanj@mts.net if you have any information.


Missing Person Investigations

If you have a family member that is missing, please call your local police department and file a missing person’s report.   When you speak with the police, you will be required to provide them with detailed information.  It would be wise to be prepared before you contact them.  The information that you will be required to provide is basic information about the missing person, including your relationship to the missing person.

 This is some of the information that you may be required to provide;

  • Full Name and date of birth;
  • Alias names;
  • Current address/previous addresses;
  • Employers name, address and position;
  • Make, model and license plate of the vehicle;
  • Cellular phone number;
  • Physical Description/photograph
  • Photograph;
  • Passport Information;
  • Banking Information;
  • Habits/computer usage.
  • Education/place of  school;
  • Places he/she frequents;
  • Friends/associates that last saw him/her
  • Their last plans or events;
  • Physical disabilities;
  • Mental disabilities;
  • Medication;
  • Clothing
  • Last known place
  • Overall medical health
  • Name of Physician;
  • Name of Dentist

Once you have filed this missing person’s report and the person has not been found, we will carry out the investigation on your behalf.   Investigators generally have more time to commit to your case personally and to keep you apprised on a daily basis.   If they have a cellular phone, we may be able to track them using real time GPS technology.  However, we will only do this with the written consent of the family and in emergency situations. 


Employment Verification Investigations in Canada.

We carry out employment verification investigations for small and large businesses, corporations and governments in Canada.

As part of our investigation, we will require the written consent of the party that has made the short-list in the application process.

Depending on the nature of the position that the applicant is applying for, we will conduct a criminal record check. In some cases, employers cannot discriminate against an employee if he/she has a criminal record. It all depends on whether or not the criminal record will impact the employee’s ability to carry out their duties.

If an applicant has been hired and later charged with a criminal offense during his/her employment, they have no obligation to disclose the nature of the offense to their employer. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that a person is innocent until proven guilty.  Even if the employee is later convicted of the offense, they still have no obligation to disclose the conviction to their employer, unless the conviction will have an impact on their ability to carry out their job.

We will carry out the investigation in compliance with the Human Rights Legislation and Common-law to ensure our inquiries are legal.

We will verify the full identity of the applicant including their name and address. It is important that you are hiring the person whom they claim to be and that their personal information outlined in their resume is correct.

As part of the process, we will also verify the applicants’ employment history and education to confirm their records, degrees and certificates they have obtained.   In addition, if the applicant has any licenses  with professional governing bodies, we will confirm their license and any disciplinary actions and dispositions.

Depending on the nature of the job title and description, we also carry out credit checks, driver abstracts searches, bankruptcy checks, judgments, liens, civil court record searches, compensation and bodily injury claim record searches.

Our results are clear and concise which are sent by email in a standard template the next day or two, as we understand that timing is a critical factor for employers in making these decisions.

If you have a question, please feel free to make a comment.

Q. On what basis can credit checks be performed?

A. An employer can carry out a credit check if the employee will be handling any money within an organization. For example, if you are applying for a position as a teller at a bank, they will likely conduct a credit history on you to establish your suitability for the job. This information can provide the employer with critical information, including judgments, bankruptcies, credit card fraud, delinquent accounts and various other information that identifies a risk to the employer. An employer can only carry out these checks with the written consent of the applicant.


Personal Background Checks and Public Record Investigations


We carry out personal background investigations for many reasons.   One of the most popular inquiries is verifying information for clients that have met their partner online.   If you have recently met someone online and they are acting unusually vague about their background, chances are there could be an underlying reason why they may not be open with you.  There are many reasons why your partner may not release all his/her personal details.  One of the main reasons that we have found is they could very well be married and/or involved in another relationship.

Our investigations that we carry out for personal background investigations involve verifying their full name, address, phone numbers, address history, alias names, maiden names, relatives, friends, employers, assets, properties, value of those properties, debts, judgements, criminal records, licenses, bankruptcies, marriage/divorce records, civil records,  judgments and liens.

Adoption Investigations in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In Manitoba, any adoption records prior to March 15, 1999 are not open to the public.  Adoptions after March 15, 1999  have more flexibility in terms of disclosure,  providing that a veto has not been filed.   A disclosure veto is a restriction filed by a party to the adoption that does not want any information released about their identity.  A contact veto prohibits any parties to the adoption from knowingly contacting the party that filed the veto.

Any parties that are searching for their biological family, should first register with the Manitoba Post Adoption Registry.  They will assist you to determine if any family members have registered.  If there is a registration filed, they will coordinate and carry out the search to make contact, providing that all parties consent.

If there is a disclosure or contact veto filed, they will advise you as well.   Once registration has been completed, you will be provided with non-identifying information about your family that will aid you in your search, in the event that your biological family has not registered with the Manitoba Post Adoption Registry.  The non-identifying information that is provided to you is very vague but it may include physical characteristics about your family members, their religion, education, ethnic background, interests and hobbies.  Once you obtain this background information, we will begin to assist you in your search providing that you have the full name of the parties that you are searching for and their approximate date of birth.

We cannot assist you in any investigation, if there was a disclosure or contact veto filed.   If you made contact with any family member and were informed previously about the contact veto by Manitoba Post Adoption Registry,  you could be fined $20,000.


Surveillance Investigations in Winnipeg, Manitoba

If you suspect that one of your employees is engaging in theft, fraud or dishonesty, the onus will be on the employer to prove the allegation before you can terminate an employee. Our client was experiencing an abnormally high rate of inventory shrinkage at one of their retail locations.  It appeared to be occurring while the suspect employee was working.    Our client asked us to conduct a surveillance investigation on the employee during her work hours to ascertain if she was leaving with any of their product from the store. As a result of the surveillance investigation, we were able to establish this employee was transporting product from the store to her vehicle.

We also carry out surveillance for domestic matters.  If you suspect your spouse or partner is having an affair, we will conduct the surveillance investigation.    Some of the general tell-tale signs of an affair are a decrease in sexual intimacy, improved hygiene and  a drastic change in behavior within the relationship.  The spouse that is having an affair generally becomes very defensive when asked if he/she is being unfaithful. We can also retrieve deleted text messages from IPhones.    However, we will require the written consent of the party that has ownership of the IPhone.

Investigation Services provided in Winnipeg, Brandon, Steinbach, Portage La Prairie, Thompson, Winkler, Selkirk, Dauphin, Morden, The Pas, Flin Flon, Stonewall, Altona, Swan River, Neepawa, Niverville, Beausejour, Virden, Carman, Oakbank, Minnedosa, Lorette, Killarney, La Salle, Gimli, Souris, Morris, Roblin, Stony Mountain, Carberry, Russell, St. Anne, Boissevain, Grunthal, Pinawa, Lac du Bonnet, Landmark, Gillam, Ile-des-Chenes.