Missing Person Investigations

If you have a family member that is missing, please call your local police department and file a missing person’s report.   When you speak with the police, you will be required to provide them with detailed information.  It would be wise to be prepared before you contact them.  The information that you will be required to provide is basic information about the missing person, including your relationship to the missing person.

 This is some of the information that you may be required to provide;

  • Full Name and date of birth;
  • Alias names;
  • Current address/previous addresses;
  • Employers name, address and position;
  • Make, model and license plate of the vehicle;
  • Cellular phone number;
  • Physical Description/photograph
  • Photograph;
  • Passport Information;
  • Banking Information;
  • Habits/computer usage.
  • Education/place of  school;
  • Places he/she frequents;
  • Friends/associates that last saw him/her
  • Their last plans or events;
  • Physical disabilities;
  • Mental disabilities;
  • Medication;
  • Clothing
  • Last known place
  • Overall medical health
  • Name of Physician;
  • Name of Dentist

Once you have filed this missing person’s report and the person has not been found, we will carry out the investigation on your behalf.   Investigators generally have more time to commit to your case personally and to keep you apprised on a daily basis.   If they have a cellular phone, we may be able to track them using real time GPS technology.  However, we will only do this with the written consent of the family and in emergency situations. 


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