We need your help in finding somone for an adoption matter.

We are looking for Scott Michael Cutler (birth name).  He was born in Winnipeg at the St. Boniface Hospital on October 9, 1965. If you have any information, please email duncanj@mts.net

We need the help from the public in finding someone!

We are looking for Robert Sears. He is in his 50’s or 60’s.   He was good friends with Brad Warman.  Mr. Sears attended Westview or Northgate High school.  He lived at 2275 Weston Rd. in Toronto, in the basement apartment when he was young.     The biological son is looking for him.   He has his own child that is two years of age.   His son has some very serious medical issues and he is currently undergoing medical treatment in Winnipeg.

We are looking for Mr. Sears strictly for medical history.  Please email duncanj@mts.net if you have any information.