Surveillance Countermeasure Investigations in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Sweeps:  If you suspect that your home, office, business or car is bugged with a hidden audio, video or tracking recording device,  we can carry out a discreet sweep of your location to detect the following devices:  
  • Wireless Microphones

  • Wired and Wireless Cameras

  • Audio Transmitter Bugs

  • Video Transmitters

  • GPS tracking device (when the device is transmitting a signal)

  • Wireless / Transmitter Bugs

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

  • All types of Concealed Transmitters

  • All types of Hidden Video Cameras

  • Computer and Fax Eavesdropping Transmitters

  • “Series” and “Parallel” Telephone Transmitters

  • Bumper Beepers &  Body Worn Transmitters

  • All types of infinity devices

  • Wireless tapping devices with or without with VOX function

  • Telephone taps (wired and IP phones)

  • Tapping device for vehicles

  • Illegal Phone Bridging

  • Voice Recorders

  • Parabolic Reflectors

  • Laser tapping

Private Investigation Services in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Investigation Services

Adoptions/Records/Archival Searches:  Are you looking for your biological parents, siblings or children?  We will help you re-unite with your biological family.

Background Investigations: We carry out background investigations for personal, employment and vendor screening due diligence.

Personal Investigations:  Have you have met your significant person online?  Are you considering investing in a relationship?  Do you have some doubts about the person’s identity or history?  Do you suspect they are hiding something about their past?  We will investigate their identity, address, occupation, marital status/history, employment, salary, education, divorce history, criminal records/charges, bankruptcies, court records, personal property records and assets, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to pursue a relationship.

Employment Investigations:  If your inquiry is for an employment matter, we will require the applicant’s written consent.   We will verify the authenticity of the applicant’s resume, credentials, qualifications, education, professional licensing and references.  We will conduct a criminal record check in some circumstances.   It some cases, employers cannot discriminate against an employee if he or she has a criminal record.   It all depends on whether or not the criminal record will impact the employee’s ability to carry out their duties. 

Vendor Screening:  We act for corporations by screening vendors to ensure they meet certain qualifications.  As part of our investigation, we will check out the authenticity of the business, owners/directors, physical address, number of employees, credit history, judgement, and criminal records on key personnel. We will also take photographs of their business locations. These inquiries are carried out to ensure the company that you are considering doing business with is legitimate and reputable.

Non-Competition Agreement Violations:  If your former employee signed a non-competition agreement and you have reasonable grounds to believe they could be employed with a competitor or operating a competing business, we will carry out a surveillance to gather relevant evidence of their activities and to determine if they are soliciting and/or meeting any customers.

High-Risk Terminations:  We attend to your business premises, if you suspect an employee may pose a security risk after their termination.  We can also attend to the termination meeting as a witness and follow up with an exit strategy.

Audits/Mystery Shopping & Integrity Testing:  Are you looking to monitor your employees to evaluate their performance objectively?  We can pose as a customer to provide constructive feedback on our interaction.

Corporate Risk Investigations:  If you are considering purchasing or merging with a corporation, we will thoroughly investigate the company’s financial position, history, reputation, legal history, credit history, executives, key personnel, service and product delivery, so you can make an informed decision.

Internal Theft:  If you are experiencing a high-rate of inventory shrinkage, we will carry out the investigation to identify the cause of loss.  

Insurance Fraud Surveillance:   We are masters of surveillance, using the most sophisticated and advanced technology in our surveillance investigations, if you have a suspicious insurance claim.   Our equipment is the best in the industry with superior video quality dash camcorders that record at full 1080p, full HD, 30fps, with night vision, date and time stamped and a built-in GPS, so you can view the full mapping data of the surveillance.  We can send the video to you immediately by our iPhone, if time is of essence.   On foot, we use body video cameras  and pin hole cameras that capture clear shots of faces, activities, vehicles and license plate numbers. 

Corporate Surveillance Investigations:  If you suspect an employee’s benefits claim is not authentic and you have reasonable and probable grounds to believe so, we will carry out a surveillance during work hours to provide evidence of the employee’s activities, along with video footage, photographs and a detailed account of the surveillance.

Due Diligence Investigations:  We carry out investigative, cyber, financial, forensic, legal, compliance and supply chain due diligence to mitigate corporate risk and develop policies and procedures to manage emerging risks.

Fraud:  Internal and external, workers compensation, embezzlement, misappropriation, identity theft and online fraud.

Legal Investigations:   We assist clients by gathering relevant evidence for court purposes in civil matters, criminal defense, family matters, child custody and spousal support investigations.   We build cases for court.

Domestic Matters:  If you suspect your spouse, partner or significant other is having an extra-marital affair or cheating on you, we will carry out a discreet surveillance, using the latest technology in order to monitor their activities.

Missing Persons & Location Services:  We provide investigative services to locate individuals for family matters, court matters and missing persons.

Occupational Health and Safety Investigations:  We conduct investigations to ensure organizations are in compliance with statutory regulations, in contemplation of anticipated litigation and/or for the purposes of obtaining further legal advice.

Workplace Investigations and Incidents:  As part of our investigation, we collect the evidence, analyze the evidence, prepare a report and make specific recommendations for corrective or preventative action.








Forensic Investigation Services. A division of Duncan Investigations Inc.

Our services include the preservation, identification, extraction and documentation of data on your iPhone and Android devices, including iPads, iPods and computers for security purposes.

iPhone Recovery:  This scan will discover and recover all purposely or accidently wiped out data on iPhones and iPads.  We can recover text messages, contacts, call history, video, images and calendar entries with the written consent of the person that has ownership of the phone.

Android Recovery:   This scan will recover all data and deleted data, including text messages, contacts, call history, video and images on android phones and tablets with the written consent of the person that has ownership of the phone.

Pornography Detection Investigations: This scan will detect all pornographic images and video on your computer, even if the material has been deleted.  As part of our investigation, and at your request, we will remove all illicit images/videos on your computer once we have submitted our findings.

Sim Card Seizure:  We can download the contents of a Sim card to recover deleted text messages.

Computer Data Recovery:  We can recover all deleted data, images and videos from your computer.

Portable Digital Document Shredder:   We can permanently shred individual files and folders or shred all deleted data from an entire drive.

iPhone & Android Child Monitoring:  We provide this service to monitor your children, so you can view all their detailed text messages, photos and videos.   You will get detailed information about each call, track all their activity on social media sites, web sites and know where they are at any given time with GPS monitoring.

iPhone Bug Detection If you suspect your iPhone is bugged, hacked, jail-broken, or has illegal spying software, we can scan your iPhone to remove these security threats.

Corporate & Insurance Fraud Investigations in Manitoba.

At Duncan Investigations Inc., we act for major corporations and insurance companies to employ a special team of investigators with years of surveillance experience to follow our target and put them under surveillance for a number of days.  We conduct surveillance in order to determine the authenticity of an injury or sickness claim.  Our primary goal is to detect and identify false, misleading or exaggerated personal injury claims by means of a video surveillance investigation.  We also interview residents, neighbors, previous employers and carry out activity and reference checks.

We handle all types of fraud; such as: exaggerated personal injuries,  sickness, short and long-term disability, general liability, worker’s compensation and abuse.

Our surveillance equipment is the state of the art technology.  We employ the following types of equipment:

 Mobile Surveillance Video Dash Camcorders:

  • Superior Video Quality: record at full 1080p, full HD and 30fps with zoom in features and night vision.
  • Front and rear view recording, wide-angle of view;
  • WiFi Connectivity to view the clips on our iPhone wirelessly and send to our clients immediately, if time is of essence;
  • Date and time stamped;
  • Built-in GPS to view the full mapping data of the video footage, as well as speed;
  • Parking mode recording;
  • MP4 video format.

Foot surveillance Body Video Cameras:

  • Our body video cameras are equipped with full 2.7 HD Resolution and video sensors with night vision capability with date and time stamped video footage.
  • Video images capture clear shots of faces, vehicles and license plate numbers.

Wearable Hidden Button Video Cameras:

When we are conducting foot surveillance in the public domain, we use our small pin hole cameras that records high quality video images with sound activation, if necessary, and date and time stamp.

Our investigators have a combined total of more than 60 years of mobile and foot surveillance experience..  Our reports are meticulous.   We are extremely knowledgeable with respect to the provincial and federal privacy legislation, criminal code legislation, common-law and the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act. 

You may call us at (204) 233-3439 or email us at  Our web site address is





Pornographic Image Detection and Deletion Investigations in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We can scan and detect all pornographic images and videos on your computer,  if you suspect your spouse, significant other or employees are using your computer for viewing pornography.

This scan will detect all pornographic images/video, even if the content has been deleted.   If you require the evidence for court purposes, we provide a comprehensive report of the evidence of our findings.  We can also delete the images/videos on your computer once we have submitted our findings.  This scan is extremely fast and accurate.  Our prices are very reasonable.

Call us today at (204) 233-3439 or toll-free at 1-877-233-2002 or  by email at  Our website address is


Ferenczy vs. MCI Medical Clinics

The case of Ferenczy vs. MCI Medical Clinics was a decision rendered in the Ontario Superior Court by Justice Dawson.

This case involves a patient named D. Ferenczy.  She sued her doctor for professional negligence in the diagnosis and the treatment of a cyst located on the inner part of her left wrist. The procedure was carried out on February 17, 1999. The plaintiff, D. Ferenczy, claimed that as a result of the failed procedure, she was unable to hold small items for a long period of time with her left hand. She also claimed that she was unable to work and as a result, she suffered a loss of income.

The defendant, the doctor, disputed her claim. A private investigator was retained by the Canadian Medical Protective Association to dispute the credibility of the plaintiff’s evidence. The private investigator conducted a surveillance on Ms. Ferenczy and collected an eight minute video surveillance footage of Ms. Ferenczy holding a coffee cup at a coffee shop without any visible signs of physical impairment.  This investigation was carried out without Ms. Ferenczy’s consent.

The Issue and Court Ruling:

Whether or not the video tape could be admitted as evidence against Ms. Ferenczy as the Counsel for Ms.  Ferenczy argued that the taking of the video and its disclosure contravened the Personal Information and Protection of Electronics Act [PIPEDA], and therefore submitted the evidence rendered to be inadmissible.

The court ruled that the PIPEDA applies to personal information that is collected and disclosed for “commercial purposes”, and that defending a liability claim is not considered a commercial activity because the collection of the information is being used for the purposes of defending the doctor in a civil lawsuit. The court also ruled that the collection, use, and disclosure of the videotape would not contravene the PIPEDA on the basis that private investigators are acting as agents for their clients, and furthermore, Ms. Ferenczy implicitly consented to the collection of the videotape evidence when she filed the court action against the Defendant.  Justice Dawson further ruled that the collection of the videotape is related to the investigation of a claim, and therefore ruled the videotape evidence tendered at trial be admissible.

Duncan Investigations Inc. is a licensed, bonded, private investigation firm in Manitoba.  We  conduct surveillance investigations for court purposes.  We act on behalf of insurance companies, adjusters, corporations, businesses,  associations, families and individuals.

We can be reached at (204) 233-3439 or toll free at 1-877-233-2002.  Our web site address is  Our email address is


Background Investigations in Manitoba

Personal Investigations and Pre-Marital Investigations:

We are finding in our industry that more people are meeting their significant person online.   It does not take as much energy, time and money,  as it would meeting someone in the public.  However, the problem with those using dating sites is you can never really know the identity of the person.

We have witnessed vulnerable seniors becoming victims of scam artists while others have been heartbroken because the person they were communicating online was married with children.

In these types of cases, we will conduct a through investigation with respect to the person’s identity, address, phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, criminal records, marital status, employment, salary, education, court records, divorce history, bankruptcies, personal property records, assets, family and business records.

Employment Investigations:

If your inquiry is for an employment matter, we will require the applicant’s written consent.  As part of our investigation, we will verify the authenticity of the applicant’s resume, credentials,  qualifications, education, licenses and references.   We will conduct a criminal record check on the applicant, if the criminal record of the applicant will have an impact on the their  ability to perform their duties.  In some cases, employers cannot discriminate against an applicant if he/she has a criminal record.  If the applicant was applying for a bank teller position, the employer would be justified in conducting a criminal record check on the applicant.   We conduct investigations in compliance with the Human Rights Legislation and common-law.

Vendor Screening Investigations:

We act for corporations by screening vendors to ensure they meet certain qualifications.  We will verify the authenticity of the business, owners/directors/shareholders, check on the physical address, number of employees, credit history, judgments and criminal records of key personnel.  We carry out screening for the purposes of ensuring that the company you are affiliated with is legitimate and reputable.

At Duncan Investigations Inc., we have served the community locally and globally for 28 years.   Please contact us by phone at (204) 233-3439 or toll-free at 1-877-233-2002 or by email at  Our website address is   We are currently upgrading our site to reflect our new services and we anticipate it to be published on January 8, 2017.

Thank you for visiting our site.



Private Investigators in Brandon, Manitoba

At Duncan Investigations, we have served the investigation industry for 28  years locally and globally.

We are the longest founding private investigation service in Manitoba.  We are licensed, bonded and insured.  We have extensive experience in all types of investigations.  We are committed to the highest standards in the industry.  We are focused on achieving results for our clients in a prompt, professional, respectful, affordable and professional manner.    We grow by customer service and we are available to serve you 24/7.

We provide the following services:

  • Adoption Services Adoptions/Records/Archival Services
  • Background Investigations
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Corporate Risk Investigations
  • Detect Hidden Recording Devices
  • Due Diligence
  • Discreet Infidelity Surveillance
  • Child Custody & Spousal Support Investigations
  • Children Safety Investigations
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • iPhone & Android Forensics
  • GPS Tracking Devices
  • Legal Investigations
  • Loss Prevention
  • Missing Persons & Location Services
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Records
  • Surveillance Investigations
  • Workplace Investigations & Incidents

If you have a specific inquiry, please feel free to email us at: or by phone at (204) 233-3439 or toll-free at 1-877-233-2002.  Our website address is  We are currently updating our website to reflect our current services and we anticipate it to be published on January 8, 2017.