Forensic Investigation Services. A division of Duncan Investigations Inc.

Our services include the preservation, identification, extraction and documentation of data on your iPhone and Android devices, including iPads, iPods and computers for security purposes.

iPhone Recovery:  This scan will discover and recover all purposely or accidently wiped out data on iPhones and iPads.  We can recover text messages, contacts, call history, video, images and calendar entries with the written consent of the person that has ownership of the phone.

Android Recovery:   This scan will recover all data and deleted data, including text messages, contacts, call history, video and images on android phones and tablets with the written consent of the person that has ownership of the phone.

Pornography Detection Investigations: This scan will detect all pornographic images and video on your computer, even if the material has been deleted.  As part of our investigation, and at your request, we will remove all illicit images/videos on your computer once we have submitted our findings.

Sim Card Seizure:  We can download the contents of a Sim card to recover deleted text messages.

Computer Data Recovery:  We can recover all deleted data, images and videos from your computer.

Portable Digital Document Shredder:   We can permanently shred individual files and folders or shred all deleted data from an entire drive.

iPhone & Android Child Monitoring:  We provide this service to monitor your children, so you can view all their detailed text messages, photos and videos.   You will get detailed information about each call, track all their activity on social media sites, web sites and know where they are at any given time with GPS monitoring.

iPhone Bug Detection If you suspect your iPhone is bugged, hacked, jail-broken, or has illegal spying software, we can scan your iPhone to remove these security threats.