Adoption Investigations in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In Manitoba, any adoption records prior to March 15, 1999 are not open to the public.  Adoptions after March 15, 1999  have more flexibility in terms of disclosure,  providing that a veto has not been filed.   A disclosure veto is a restriction filed by a party to the adoption that does not want any information released about their identity.  A contact veto prohibits any parties to the adoption from knowingly contacting the party that filed the veto.

Any parties that are searching for their biological family, should first register with the Manitoba Post Adoption Registry.  They will assist you to determine if any family members have registered.  If there is a registration filed, they will coordinate and carry out the search to make contact, providing that all parties consent.

If there is a disclosure or contact veto filed, they will advise you as well.   Once registration has been completed, you will be provided with non-identifying information about your family that will aid you in your search, in the event that your biological family has not registered with the Manitoba Post Adoption Registry.  The non-identifying information that is provided to you is very vague but it may include physical characteristics about your family members, their religion, education, ethnic background, interests and hobbies.  Once you obtain this background information, we will begin to assist you in your search providing that you have the full name of the parties that you are searching for and their approximate date of birth.

We cannot assist you in any investigation, if there was a disclosure or contact veto filed.   If you made contact with any family member and were informed previously about the contact veto by Manitoba Post Adoption Registry,  you could be fined $20,000.