Private Investigation Services in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Investigation Services

Adoptions/Records/Archival Searches:  Are you looking for your biological parents, siblings or children?  We will help you re-unite with your biological family.

Background Investigations: We carry out background investigations for personal, employment and vendor screening due diligence.

Personal Investigations:  Have you have met your significant person online?  Are you considering investing in a relationship?  Do you have some doubts about the person’s identity or history?  Do you suspect they are hiding something about their past?  We will investigate their identity, address, occupation, marital status/history, employment, salary, education, divorce history, criminal records/charges, bankruptcies, court records, personal property records and assets, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to pursue a relationship.

Employment Investigations:  If your inquiry is for an employment matter, we will require the applicant’s written consent.   We will verify the authenticity of the applicant’s resume, credentials, qualifications, education, professional licensing and references.  We will conduct a criminal record check in some circumstances.   It some cases, employers cannot discriminate against an employee if he or she has a criminal record.   It all depends on whether or not the criminal record will impact the employee’s ability to carry out their duties. 

Vendor Screening:  We act for corporations by screening vendors to ensure they meet certain qualifications.  As part of our investigation, we will check out the authenticity of the business, owners/directors, physical address, number of employees, credit history, judgement, and criminal records on key personnel. We will also take photographs of their business locations. These inquiries are carried out to ensure the company that you are considering doing business with is legitimate and reputable.

Non-Competition Agreement Violations:  If your former employee signed a non-competition agreement and you have reasonable grounds to believe they could be employed with a competitor or operating a competing business, we will carry out a surveillance to gather relevant evidence of their activities and to determine if they are soliciting and/or meeting any customers.

High-Risk Terminations:  We attend to your business premises, if you suspect an employee may pose a security risk after their termination.  We can also attend to the termination meeting as a witness and follow up with an exit strategy.

Audits/Mystery Shopping & Integrity Testing:  Are you looking to monitor your employees to evaluate their performance objectively?  We can pose as a customer to provide constructive feedback on our interaction.

Corporate Risk Investigations:  If you are considering purchasing or merging with a corporation, we will thoroughly investigate the company’s financial position, history, reputation, legal history, credit history, executives, key personnel, service and product delivery, so you can make an informed decision.

Internal Theft:  If you are experiencing a high-rate of inventory shrinkage, we will carry out the investigation to identify the cause of loss.  

Insurance Fraud Surveillance:   We are masters of surveillance, using the most sophisticated and advanced technology in our surveillance investigations, if you have a suspicious insurance claim.   Our equipment is the best in the industry with superior video quality dash camcorders that record at full 1080p, full HD, 30fps, with night vision, date and time stamped and a built-in GPS, so you can view the full mapping data of the surveillance.  We can send the video to you immediately by our iPhone, if time is of essence.   On foot, we use body video cameras  and pin hole cameras that capture clear shots of faces, activities, vehicles and license plate numbers. 

Corporate Surveillance Investigations:  If you suspect an employee’s benefits claim is not authentic and you have reasonable and probable grounds to believe so, we will carry out a surveillance during work hours to provide evidence of the employee’s activities, along with video footage, photographs and a detailed account of the surveillance.

Due Diligence Investigations:  We carry out investigative, cyber, financial, forensic, legal, compliance and supply chain due diligence to mitigate corporate risk and develop policies and procedures to manage emerging risks.

Fraud:  Internal and external, workers compensation, embezzlement, misappropriation, identity theft and online fraud.

Legal Investigations:   We assist clients by gathering relevant evidence for court purposes in civil matters, criminal defense, family matters, child custody and spousal support investigations.   We build cases for court.

Domestic Matters:  If you suspect your spouse, partner or significant other is having an extra-marital affair or cheating on you, we will carry out a discreet surveillance, using the latest technology in order to monitor their activities.

Missing Persons & Location Services:  We provide investigative services to locate individuals for family matters, court matters and missing persons.

Occupational Health and Safety Investigations:  We conduct investigations to ensure organizations are in compliance with statutory regulations, in contemplation of anticipated litigation and/or for the purposes of obtaining further legal advice.

Workplace Investigations and Incidents:  As part of our investigation, we collect the evidence, analyze the evidence, prepare a report and make specific recommendations for corrective or preventative action.